Sunday, July 4, 2010

Now Introducing: Suburban Girl

What better place to begin this venture, than from my sleepy suburban town of Weston, MA, where I've lived since the age of six. I'm enjoying drinks and apps ("drapps") with my little bougie family of three (minus one semi-recently deceased pooch) talking about bougie things like 401K's, becoming an equestrian again, and buying Burberry - I am relishing this moment and am totally reminded why I covet this life.

Suburban born and raised, I grew up listening to Matchbox 20, Joni Mitchell, vacationing on Martha's Vineyard and saying things like "I will NEVER move to New York City." Flashforward past 4 months abroad in London and 4 years at beautiful Connecticut College and I find myself living, working, and generally just being in NYC. Whoops.

So far, it's been an experience. Of all the things I miss the most, it's greenery. Or driving. Or central air conditioning (yum). Or REAL shopping malls (read: the Natick Collection). But I digress; I'm putting on my best "city girl" face and making the most of my experience, because in your 20's, there is no other way.

Now, here's the nitty gritty:

This will serve as an exploration of my life in the city (any and every city I ever find myself living in). It will highlight the highs, the lows, the nice and mild plateaus. It will (hopefully) be raucously funny, extremely poignant, and deliciously random.

This is Suburban Girl in The City. I hope you enjoy.

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