Sunday, July 18, 2010

Suburban Girl Shops: Louis Vuitton

When a girl from a small suburban town moves to New York City, she has huge expectations. She imagines every day will feel like she's living in an episode of Sex & The City, running from date to date with her girlfriends and the city's hottest eligible bachelors. She imagines that Blahniks, Louboutins, Dolce & Gabanna dresses, and martinis grow on trees. She expects rent to NEVER be due, that she'll easily find a rent controlled 1-bed on the UWS, and that she'll work a job with flexible hours that allow her to lunch with her friends for 2 hours a day.

Then, she'll get here, realize rent is ALWAYS due, and that she can only afford to live in Queens with a roommate (or 2). She'll never drink as many martinis as she originally planned because they are expensive (unless she is at Pazza Notte, where she will imbibe too many martinis and contract a hangover every time). She'll work a job that requires more hours than there are in the day, and as a result, she'll eat dinner mostly at her desk, working as she chews. Her paychecks won't allow her to shop the way she had first hoped - until she gets a raise and decides that on one fateful Sunday afternoon a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag will be hers for the taking.

She's thrilled and invigorated. She plans the day to fulfill a "New York Dream". She gets dressed up, she puts on ALL ofher favorite David Yurman jewelry, and she does her make up. She skips down Fifth Avenue to the Louis Vuitton Store on the corner of 57th. The flagship store, and the way she had always imagined New York shopping had to be done - on Fifth Avenue, as detailed in rap songs and old movies. She is jittery, nervous, and ... sweating. It feels like a blind date. She's anxious.

She walks into the Louis Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue and expects a wide open store with sales associates welcoming her with open arms. Instead, she walks into a tourist haven. She's knocked backwards by a group of over eager Italians. She looks around briefly, taking in the scene before finding her choice of bag, and a brilliantly nice young man to help her.

Thirty minutes later, she is walking down 57th Street with the iconic brown bag. She sees a couple holding hands walking in her direction. They are engulfed in love for each other and she fights the urge to shout "I AM IN LOVE TOO. WITH MY NEW PURSE." She is floating through New York.

She contemplates taking a cab over the bridge to her sleepy little borough, but thinks better of it, as she realizes she just spent a small fortune on a new purse. As she descends into the train station, reality sets back in. But then again, what better way to make it in New York than on the N train with a Louis Vuiton shopping bag on your shoulder?

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  1. I was just in LV last week peeking at the jewelry with one of my besties - their pieces are STUNNING! Lot's of purple bags in the store too ;-)


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