Sunday, October 17, 2010

Suburban Girl Love Affair :: Drake X Cosmopolitan Magazine

It's no secret I am absolutely in love with Drake. Or, if it was, it certainly isn't a secret anymore. In my eyes, the boy can do no wrong. Case in point - one of the sexiest songs I've heard in a while:

I came across this interview with Drake for Cosmopolitan Magazine on Necole Bitchie and swooned a little deeper.

Interview text below:
Cosmopolitan: Is it hard for guys to get over breakups?
Drake: Definitely. Even after a long time, it’s painful to see an ex with somebody else. As happy as you are that she’s happy, there’s a little tingle underneath your heart. It’s not a sting. But it hurts a bit, and you wish it wasn’t there.

C: Is sex on a first date a deal breaker?
D: No, I don’t get why women think that. You’re telling yourself that all you have to offer is your body and the physical act. There’s more to you than that. If I like somebody, there’s so many great things to look forward to, even if we do it on the first night.

C: If a woman is into a guy, how should she get his attention?
D: I’m shy, so I like when she comes up and says “Hey, how are you doing?” That lets me know she wants to talk. The scariest thing is when you look at a woman and think of a million reasons why she wouldn’t want to.

C: What’s the secret to a happy relationship?
D: Acceptance. You’ve got to be comfortable enough to be completely naked with lights on and the curtains open.
Now, I'm not saying we should all take this 23 year old's relationship advice, but those are pretty great answers, right? Ugh, love.

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