Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scary Age No More


I used to be terrified of the age 25. Seriously, 25 was my extra scary age. I used to think, “ohmygah*, 25?!!”

Every birthday celebrated felt like a minor death sentence. It was all very dramatic – like, Elle Woods breaking up with her boyfriend dramatic.

I didn’t even celebrate 24. I worked and went to bed instead (ahem, the 25 year old me thinks the 24 year old me is super-lame).

But to be clear, I cemented 25 as my Armageddon back when I turned 18. I had the coolest girlfriends, I was in a super hot a cappella group, and I basically thought I was the shit. What could get better than being 18 and extra hot*? Clearly, I was blinded.

If I could give my 18 year old self a side eye* I would. Now, that’s not to say I don’t have the occasional “eep! I’m 25!” moment. The most clear being the time I wouldn’t buy candy for some boy’s “basketball team” on the street and he called me an “uptight old head*” .......... iCant.

That said, being 25 (I celebrated my birthday in September) is so rich and ripe.

  • It’s like being a teenager, except you're 5 years from 30.
  • It’s like being in college except you live in the city, pay rent and big girl bills, and have lots of sex.
  • It’s like being a foolish hot mess, except for when you’re at the office, because then you’re buttoned up and super fly.
  • It’s like being version 2.5 or 3GS (but not quite 4G because I’m not quite 30).
  • It’s like being “MJ Fadeaway” + “Maiah on Fiyah” + “Ms. Johnson (if you’re nasty)” all the time.

...and I love it.

What was your scary turned favorite age?

*"ohmygah" - copyright 2003 – 2010
*I was actually fat with a pretty face. But still. Confidence is a hell of a drug.
*What’s a side eye? Click here.
*What’s an old head? Click here.

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