Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Trends I Just Can't Get Behind, vol.1

I love me a fashion and beauty blog, I really, really, really do... but I there are always a few things I can't help but cringe towards when I see them in those beautiful photos.

Here are my current Five Trends I Just Can't Get Behind:

1. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes

Aaaaaaaaah! Please!!! Someone! Help! Tell me why! Because I just can't understand. And I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes! So comfortable and well made. But these? iCant.

2. 3-D Nails

Eep!! Why would you do that! I'll give you a little rhinestone or something "classically" middle school (sorry, that's when I remember rhinestones on nails the most), but why on earth are your fingernails talking to me? iCant.

3. Backpacks for Grown Ups
I equate backpacks with college parties. They are usually stacked full of some sort of classy beverage like Natty Ice or PBR. If you're really lucky, you might also find some Hypnotiq, a bandaid, a hair tie, an ace bandage, and a pen. Just because it says Chanel or Vuitton doesn't mean I'm not judging you (and hoping you'll give me a beverage). iCant.

4. Sheer Clothing
I get it. Sometimes its nice to have something a little sheer on to show off your curves. But I can't understand showing everyone ALL of your unmentionables. What ever happened to slips? Old fashioned? Maybe. Classy? Definitely. iCant.

5. Full Body Jewelry
I actually think, if done right, this could be a good look, but the functionality of it makes me nervous. I'm notoriously clumsy with my jewelry. I can't even begin to guess how many Forever21 necklaces I've accidentally caught on a railing (or even the stove) and have had to toss after a night out. These vests and such are a lawsuit waiting to happen for me. And how dominatrix. iCant.

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