Monday, February 14, 2011

There Was Something About Him

a fictional short story

There was something about him, with his kind eyes and gentle smile, that she just couldn't let go of. There was something about him with his shy gaze and sweet disposition, that just sent her sailing.

She saw him every morning at her local coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts. She liked him because he liked the Beantown coffee staple as much as she did, though they both lived in Astoria, Queens (her favorite NYC borough).

She ordered her usual, a large regular coffee, skim milk, no sugar.

"No sugar??" they always asked.

"Yes, no sugar" she'd reply, thinking I get that from my mom. She'd wait, watching him out the corner of her eye, enjoying his coffee and the AM daily. An unconventional newspaper choice to enjoy over coffee that made her swoon even more.

They saw each other often, being in the same morning schedule and all, but had never uttered a word. Just a quick glance and a shy smile.



She had taken to listening to Sade's Please Send Me Someone to Love as she went about her morning routine. she felt it was a simple request. She crossed her fingers as she listened for good luck, and treated the song like one of her daily affirmations.

One lazy Saturday, we woke up early and went to her favorite Dunkin Donuts on a whim. She sat at a table in the window and gazed outside. As she took her last sip of coffee and the lyrics progressed...

Heaven please send to all mankind, / Understanding and peace of mind. / But if it's not asking too much, / Please send me someone to love.

... in he walked.

"Hey" he finally said.

"Hey" she said back, a little too quickly.

"John" he noted, pointing slightly at his chest.

"Hi..." she said dreamily. "Oh! Meena!" she remembered, looking down with embarrassment.

He held her stare, then went to the counter to order: "two regular coffees, skim milk, no sugar."

"No sugar??" they always asked.

"Yes, no sugar;" then he looked back at her, and smiled his gentle smile.

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