Sunday, March 6, 2011

Five Reasons Why I Love Pretty Boys

My friends often have something to say about the type of guy I find myself falling for. They are incredibly well dressed, devastatingly handsome, and always pretty. Think: Blair Underwood/Jason Lewis. I can't help it; I like a guy to look good. When I express interest in a dude who looks like he forgot to shower, the reaction is very similar to the shocked g-chat emoticon:

Here are my five reasons Why I Love Pretty Boys:

He loves to shop
This is important because I love to shop. I could shop for hours on end, spend hours in the dressing room making sure the items are right, and will spend the day bogged down with bags all for a hard day's work. In fact, shopping is in my blood - my mother calls shopping "fieldwork" because it really is work. Be it online, in the stores, or otherwise, we will go to town making sure we get the best deals and the best items. If he loves to shop, it means we won't have any of those "but how long can you really shop for??" and "are we done yet???" arguments when I'm just getting into the heat of my purchasing.

I'm never worried about what he'll show up wearing
I've dated the guy who needs outfit direction and it's exhausting. Well, wait, don't get me wrong... it can be fun to play dress up with your man, mostly because you both end up naked anyway. But there is nothing more calming than knowing that no matter where you go, your boo will show up dressed appropriately. No jeans around his knees, no Air Force Ones when he should be wearing Prada Loafers. Phew - crisis averted.

He won't judge my exploding closet
Because his looks just like mine. But he's a boy so most of it is all over his floor too. This is also a key point because it makes me feel great that most of my closet is in my Carrie & Aidan inspired arm chair. Oops.

He doesn't know how to dress down
Let it be noted that with all this "pretty boy" stuff, one may have concerns if said "pretty boy" likes "pretty girls". The true test for me (aside from the one in the bedroom) is how he dresses down because he doesn't really know how and ends up wearing crazy colors that only a dude wouldn't care about. Trust that if you look like a real hot mess, you'll have me at "eep!"

When he goes scruffy, it's a nice surprise
Please. Don't deny the scruff. PLEASE. Because I love it. It allows me to indulge in my occasional bad boy fantasies if my pretty boy is looking a little rough around the edges. It's also a nice surprise when we see each other shortly after your shape up. Keeping that element of surprise alive keeps the butterflies flying in my belly.

What I'm drinking this week: my roommate often goes to this itty bitty liquor store a few blocks from our apartment. Ever since she mentioned it when she was buying a gift for her man, I've meant to check it out. Last night I discovered they have more of my favorite wine than even Trader Joe's! Thanks for the tip, roomie :).

This week I'm drinking a beautiful South African Sauvignon Blanc by Indaba Wines. Yum.


  1. Oh my goodness, thanks for the shout out in tiny print. I'm so glad you are enjoying the store. Also, thank you for saying that I "often" go, it makes me sound cooler.

  2. Cute post, I like pretty boys too :-) xoxo


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