Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Waiting to Exhale

Oprah Winfrey can get it.

I mean it. I find her honesty, her history (herstory) to be a complete excitement.

I've been glued to to the television for the past two Sunday nights at 9pm listening to her story with a box of tissues and a look of shock and awe on my face. She has graciously offered up her life within a series titled, Master Class. Previous interviewees included Maya Angelou (for whom I am named after), Diane Sawyer, Jay-Z and others. While I resonated with the stories, especially Maya's, I found myself head over heels for Oprah's because she gets it. She can get it.

When things "aren't going right"... whatever that's supposed to mean, my mother always says "Maiah, it never looks like what you want it to". This applies to my career, my relationships, my dreams coming to fruition. Nothing. Ever. Looks like you want it to. But the key is accepting that something out there (be it whatever you do or do not believe in) is prepping you.


A "failed" love is a lesson in love.

A "failed" endeavor is a lesson in the next.

A "bad" day teaches you how to make the next greater.

These things create turmoil in our lives... those "failures" and "upsets" when things aren't going as you imagined. The hardest part for me, a controlling Virgo who over-analyzes things to the death, is letting go.


Oprah (and Mommy) has reminded me to have faith that this journey I'm on is leading somewhere positive.

So with this, I make an affirmation:

I will let go.

I will give it up to the greater power.

I will exhale.


  1. I'm beyond obsessed w/ Oprah and her two parts Master Class these past Sunday's has been incredible. Her story really is so amazing. She really hit me when she was talking about working and said she always got those "whispers" and knew when it was time to leave a job because there was just no where to grow. Those whispers are so important. Tell us so much!! Love this post!

  2. Oprah is amazing, she is so inspiring. xoxo


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