Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretty Boy Swag

When my favorite Gossip Girl, Necole Bitchie posted the below, I thought, "I better read that, ASAP":

And when my fellow blogger and dear friend, Larissa said, "did you read that Kelly Rowland interview where she talked about dating outside her race?" I realized I better stop procrastinating (read: working) and get busy reading that interview.

Rowland, whom I ADORE for her ability to seamlessly transition from genre to genre of music (and who provided the soundtrack for several very decadent nights in Dubai), spoke honestly about the kind of men she dates. From white men to black men, she holds no prejudice when it comes to who she sets her sights on.

The interview, from Thursday morning's Power 105.1 Breakfast Club show, unfolds as follows (via Necole Bitchie):
You’ve dated all kinds of guys from different places. Do you recommend dating a white guy?
Yes, you can. I mean it’s completely up to you. I like a black guy just as much as I love a white guy.

Do they treat you any better? Because I’ve heard white guys would go down on you more...
You know what? To me it just depends on the guy... if they like that. Of course, it’s better to find a guy that you can motivate to like that. I like me a nice swag of a black guy, I can’t even lie. To me, black guys and Arabic guys; their swag is almost the same.
Yes! They do! It's true! I almost felt as though Kelly and I were having this intimate conversation between the two of us, since apparently we both have explored dating a myriad of different men.

Through my experience, I have learned that black men have a level of swagger that is difficult for other races to reach. Along those same lines, Middle Eastern men possess a certain swag that goes mostly unrivaled. And while I'm absolutely no expert, I have definitely partied with the best of them (no, seriously - at Cavalli Club in Dubai, where the walls are lined in fur) and learned that while black men pop bottles of Moet, Middle Eastern men are popping magnums of Veuve. Fancy.

So what's the preference?

For me, it's less about the swag and mostly about being wooed. I fell head over heals for a Parisian Muslim man living in London (Old Flame). Originally from Morocco, I was intrigued by all of him, but I fell for that "old school romance" he practiced in getting me to be his.

Perhaps for me, the most important bit is how much he makes me swoon. But a little bit of swagger never hurt anybody either.

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  1. I'm not opposed to dating anyone regardless of race because feelings are feelings. But in terms of attraction, at the moment at least, it's all Black everything:P


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