Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PSA: Single Ladies, Listen Up!

Let’s face it, ladies. If you’re a single twenty-something, living in a bustling and exhausting city, its not as easy to find a man as some might think. In New York City alone, single women outnumber single men by over 210,000 (is that not horrific??). What does that mean? We’re going to spend more time single than we’d like. But I strongly believe that there are a few things that every woman must always indulge in, whether she is single or not:

Waxing, Sugaring, Shaving, Plucking, Threading, Bleaching, etc.
I cannot stress this enough. If you let yourself go, you will never feel sexy enough to snag a new man. Never. You’ll go out and hang your head low because your eyebrows aren’t waxed. You’ll stand with your shoulders slumped and your legs crossed one over the other because your you-know-what needs a tune up and your legs need shaving. And you’ll be generally uncomfortable because you don’t feel beautiful but you can’t quite figure out why. So pick your poison and keep it pretty.

Don't forget Victoria's Secret
Because nothing exudes confidence like walking around with this under your outfit:

Treat yourself to dinner & a movie
Please don’t reserve those kind of dates for when you have a man. I dated a man who LOVED the movies. When we broke up, theatres throughout the city became off limits to me as they all held too many memories. While I was pouting, I was missing the incredible works of art being released. Now, I’m playing catch up on Netflix (still) so that when a cute boy at a bar asks me “oh, you’re from Boston? Have you seen The Departed?” I can say “absolutely!’ and follow up with something witty – so much sexier than saying “oh... no.” #womp.

Always indulge in home cooked meals
The thing about cooking is that sometimes we save the impressive stuff for proving your wife potential. The thing about saving the impressive stuff is that you don’t get to treat yourself. So, instead of enjoying a delicious Coq Au Vin, you’re eating pasta with a boring sauce and getting a little fat. Treat yourself! You deserve a beautiful, home cooked meal. Don’t get lazy, get working. Besides, how do you expect that engagement chicken to work if you haven’t tested it at least twice?

Don’t forget lazy Sundays
There is nothing like a lazy Sunday in the arms of a lover. It's like there's no such thing as laziness because you're spending that time with a lovah. I personally feel guilty about lying in bed all day on a Sunday just because. But sometimes, you just have to indulge in a lazy Sunday chill session. Turn on Tweet’s Southern Hummingbird album, grab a book, order take out, and just hang.

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