Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

I've come across this lovely little "movement" started by Tatiana over Love, Life, Lace. Her blog is full of eye-candy, from delicious outfits to delicious meals, to an adorable hubby.

But even more - you can tell how happy she is, and how thankful she is for all of life's little blessings. Hence, Weekly Gratitude, which reminds bloggers (and normal people) everywhere to take a moment for "self reflection, thankfulness and peace." I decided I needed to take part because it's so easy to get lost in negativity. This is a weekly reminder to myself of all the beautiful things life offers - from the smallest of glances to the largest of gestures.

I'm officially a:

And so we begin:

Thank you for beautiful sunsets enjoyed during an after-work Happy Hour at a beautiful rooftop bar. They make me feel like I'm really living the "New York experience", whatever that means.

Thank you to my favorites for allowing me an impromptu trip to our Alma Matter by the sea, Connecticut College. The fireworks were the perfect kick off to an incredible weekend.

Thank you to the person who left this Keep Calm & Carry On pendant on the small ledge by the stoop of a random building on my block. It was the perfect reminder to keep it moving.

(Also, thank you Jimmy Fallon, who I imagine speaking these "thank you's" in that voice from his late night show).

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