Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iCare: Beyonce & Jay-Z Pregnant

The story surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z’s pregnancy has me beaming. Beaming. And I know most people are wondering, “why should we care?”

Well, #iCare for the same reason I was heartbroken at the rumors that Will & Jada were divorcing (not true, phew). #iCare for the same reason I love the relationship Oprah and Steadman share: she says he is her rock. He steadies her. I love that. #iCare because inspiring Style & Beauty Editor, Julee Wilson says her greatest accomplishment is finding love with someone who “elevates all of the positive aspects about me.”

Beyonce announced her pregnancy on the black carpet at the MTV VMA pre-show. There was a collective gasp heard across the world, then everyone took to twitter. My girl Kanetha’s tweet from last night sums it up perfectly.

#iCare because Beyonce and Jay-Z took the journey towards love that little 20th century girls dream about. You know, that sort of old school chivalrous courtship that begins in butterflies and ends in a union? Plus, Beyonce never turned away from her first love, music, in building her relationship with Hova.

For some reason, this seems like a rare find these days. It’s inspirational, and their joy is palpable.


Just watch:

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  1. She's such a beautiful pregnant woman...she looks like she should be a mommy. Good for her!

  2. I absolutely died right on the spot when I saw her performance and the way she announced the baby (I missed the pre-show). Flipped out and wanted to call you right away! Amazing!!!!


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