Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Suburban Girl Laments: Post Long Weekend Blues


I have two favorite parts of vacation:
  1. The moment you drive out of the city on the ever fancy Greyhound bus.

  2. The moment you have your first decadent appetizer (in The Cape, it was black truffle infused cheese).
I have one least favorite part of vacation:
  1. The moment you finish packing your Polo weekend bag, and zip it up to leave. Some may call this the "Vacation Blues"*
This past weekend was the loveliest of weekends. I spent two nights in my lovely little suburb with Mom and Dad. Our days consisted of coffee, shopping, talking, and acting like the Cosby Family. Unfortunately, there was no soul train this time, as my father reserves that for Christmas. Following my two beautiful nights with the fam, Mom dropped me off at my friend's apartment in the South End (read: my dream neighborhood after Beacon Hill), where we said our tearful goodbyes (okay fine, tearful on my part) and I headed to The Cape.

While on there, I found myself relishing an unexpected silence: the lack of cell phone service and, as a result, the lack of that little "bing!" that sounds on Sunday evening to remind me it's time to go back to work. Rather than my usual stance of clutching my iPhone, I found myself leaving it on the table and enjoying the holiday with friends and family.

Monday afternoon rolled around after too much lobster, too much black truffle cheese, and too many blueberries, and I found myself dreading** everything that I was set to come back to. Tonight, as I reflect on my day and consider the following, I have concluded one thing: thank goodness for four day weeks and summer fridays.

*Vacation Blues is apparently a scientific term, as defined by Wikipedia. This fact makes me feel awkward.***
**Alexander Kjerulf, the self-titled Chief Happiness Officer, has drawn out this handy little chart for understanding Vacation Blues.
***WebMD also offers a number of tips to "bounce back fast". Yikes.

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