Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suburban Girl Apologizes!: #NYFW

Hello little darlings,

Many apologies for the radio silence over here.

I've been spending my days working (see Maybelline and Essie images) at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the new Lincoln Center location. When I wasn't running around managing the spaces and models, I was trying to attend as many shows as possible thanks to my amazingly generous clients and the guest appearance of a certain Kelly Cutrone!

So, as Fashion Week ends tonight, the madness winds down, and I bid Lincoln Center adieu til Feburary 2011, I'm excited to have time for posting regularly. I've got a few fun things planned, including a little three part series called "Suburban Girl Reviews Shows She Wasn't Actually Invited To But Still Attended"... hm. I'm actually out of breath typing that! Gotta work on the series title, huh?

Regardless, it's coming up soon. And if you absolutely can't wait and miss me so, so much it hurts then check me out on twitter. I do my best tweeting from the backseat of a cab - especially when the cabbie farts audibly like this afternoon. Amaze.


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