Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's like that episode of Sex & the City...

It's an unfortunate discovery when you move to New York City and realize that life is nothing like the Sex & the City episodes that drove you to move to the city in the first place.

My life is NOT filled with the following:
  • Relentless sexy-time with handsome men who drop stock tips upon orgasm (Samantha)
  • Rich, loving, handsome, nice men - two of which have proposed to and married me (Charlotte)
  • A bar-owning, bar-tending soul mate and a successful career as a lawyer (Miranda)
  • A man with a driver who brings me red balloons & champers on my birthday (Carrie)

I do, however have a wonderful selection of women that I think of as my soul mates. Our lunches, dinners, and brunches revolve around the most no holds barred sex talk this side of the Hudson and we all love a good martini (cosmopolitan for me, please). And despite the harsh realization that the Sex & the City life isn't the norm for New Yorkers - I'm happy. 

It is impossible to deny that the episodes are relate-able. It's impossible to go to out with the girls and not hear at least twice "it's like that episode of Sex & the City when..." because they always come full circle in our real lives. Is that to say we're living recklessly, or forcing a correlation? Who cares? But it's the reason why we love the show.

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