Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They Say Hindsight is 20/20

"You know what, Albie? I'm glad Maiah's gone through heartbreak. She's really loved and lost."

Mom, appalled, looks at Dad with her best side eye and says: "what? why?"

"Because it's giving her some good hair on her back. She's a real tough chick."
My mother called me to relay this conversation with my father later that day. I fabricated the side eye, but I'm positive Mom slipped it in as she's pretty good at them.
At first I was feeling a way. I mean, who says they are glad for your heartbreak? ...But then, after discussing further I could see exactly what Dad was trying to say in a way that only Dad's can. The heartbreak isn't what's good. It's the life experiences. The lessons learned. The strength and wisdom gained.

But of course, when you're drowning your sorrows in Ben & Jerry's (or in my case, mango sorbet) with a bottle of wine (who needs a glass?), the last thing you want to hear is "you're learning great lessons."

Fuck a lesson! I've got a broken heart and a carton full of calories to ingest!

Later, I'm sitting in my favorite hookah bar with my favorite male friend, talking about none other than the always important topic of sex and relationships. Reminiscing about our past break ups, we found ourselves laughing at the transition from "sniffling baby" to "social butterfly and dater". One day, it feels like you'll never make it out alive, and the next day - you feel like a million bucks.

The thing is, there's always strength on the horizon, and that makes me think that every experience with someone, be it your significant other, your faux-friend is a learning experience. But don't worry, I'll wait to admit that until I'm fully healed because the say hindsight is 20/20.

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