Friday, May 20, 2011

iCovet Fridays, v.3

Here's what I'm coveting this week:

90's Music

I blame this on Something Borrowed, which features a scene with a great 90's cover band playing some of my absolute favorite childhood songs. Since seeing the movie (and listening to Hey Jealousy and Hows it Going to Be on repeat), I've spent way too much of my free time (read: the few minutes between when I finish work and pass out) googling "top songs of the 90's" and taking trips down memory lane.

Dates with the Girls

[Yeslan, Margaret (aka Maggie) and myself]

We don't really have the chance to do it often enough because of what I like to call "growing pains" but dates with the girls make my life feel fuller. There's nothing like Margaret's work stories (oh hey Maggie!), Yeslan's to-the-point questions, Laura's budgets, Larissa's side eyes, and Allie's vino. Side note for my girls: we need to do better at group pictures. #Wompwomp.


Entirely obsessed. Entirely. Pinterest is a "virtual pinboard" and community where people collect images across the web that are inspiring, amusing, or just a little weird. If you can't tell by the ruffles and flowers, my collections tend to be on the girly side. Looking to join? Leave a comment with your email for an invite!

Whats on you coveting this week?

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