Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oops! I Borrowed Your Boyfriend...

When I read Something Borrowed, I loved the book. I immediately bought Something Blue to finish the series surrounding my four favorite characters: Rachel, Darcy, Dex and Ethan. When it was all said and done, I felt so strongly about the Emily Giffin books that I started lending them out left and right. When someone mentioned they were reading it, I was immediately asking what they thought! I went Something Borrowed crazy.

Then, months passed and just as I was having trouble finding people to talk to about the book my life was changed by a trailer for the movie adaptation.

So you get the gist, right? Rachel borrows her best friend's fiance. If you are at all confused by this concept, just note that it is frowned upon.

Since the movie came out this month, I have managed to see it twice (once alone as a treat to myself) and once with my favorite group of girls. When the movie ended we erupted into a discussion about who's fault the cheating was. When I posed the question to the girls on either side of me, their answers were either "no one's!" or "Dex's fault!". When we passed along the same question to the rest of our crew, their answer was unanimous, "Rachel's!". You see, they subscribed to the school of thought that the female is to blame if she takes a guy up on his offer, even if he brings up the idea of something forbidden without any prompting from said female.

I personally happen to disagree. As a disclaimer, my thoughts have nothing to do with true love or romance (even though I love love). If Dex were my man and he proposed the idea of cheating on me to my best friend, even if she said no, I wouldn't forgive him for having (and attempting to act on) the desire to cheat! Regardless, we all agreed that Rachel, while quiet, nerdy, and slightly tragic as a character, was a trifling heifer. Dex, while devastatingly handsome and usually meaning well, was a disappointing, wishy-washy man unable to make his own decisions. Between the two of them, if this were real life, I'm not sure either would belong in my circle.

I think most ladies would agree that despite the storyline, it was enjoyable. Definitely a romantic comedy, the movie enjoyed some much needed relief by Ethan and his unfortunate faux-lover Claire. It featured both real and inspired New York hotspots, all of which I plan to visit if I haven't already. And a cameo by Giffin herself, who rocks some fierce white denim while reading her sequel, Something Blue (hello, movie #2)! And on top of that, some really great fashion, beautiful Hamptons shots, an awesome soundtrack, and a wonderful teaser at the end for the upcoming sequel.

Did you see the movie or read the book? What did you think? And who is to blame!?

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