Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Review: A Belle in Brooklyn

I consider myself a rare breed.

I’m an African American twenty-something woman who grew up in the suburbs of Boston. Though I currently live in NYC, my roots (no matter how bougie I may have become) are what made me, and I hold tight to those.

In looking for things to relate to, I found there was a wide gap between Sex & the City and Girlfriends. This gap also exists between Teri McMillian and Jeannette Walls. I was searching for someone like me represented in media and she was nowhere to be found.

...Until my friend introduced me to Demetria Lucas. The blogger turned magazine editor turned author recently released A Belle in Brooklyn (of the same title as her award winning blog). Incredibly well written, this memoir takes you on a journey of Demetria’s life and experiences in NYC, Atlanta, California, and more. With each chapter reading like the beautiful prose found in some short stories, you can’t help but power through the book. As a person who prefers to read during her commute, I found myself laughing at her humor, nearly crying at her experiences, and often cringing at her honesty. Any book that results in that sort of real-life emoting is what I would categorize as a great read.

Recommended for every-woman (and every-man), I think it’s impossible for anyone not to gather some sort of great takeaway from this novel. If you’re looking to live vicariously through the chapters of her crazy single life attending industry parties and awkward dinners with Shug: you win. If you’re looking for life lessons on how to “Live Your Best Singe Life”: you win. If you, like me, are looking for a middle ground media figure to relate to: you win.

But most importantly, I'm realizing how necessary it is to surround yourself with successful role models constantly on their grind. Demetria has made her journey extremely accessible to those searching for that too. So you also win.

A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to-Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life is available in stores and online.

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