Sunday, July 24, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Sleepover Tips

In my time exploring potential relationships (or enjoying situationships) I'd like to think I’ve learned a few things. Not just about myself or the other person, but about the little things that make relationships between men and women work (or not work).

Initially, I didn’t think it would be a good move to share my tips and tricks (because then I’d have to kill you). But after a phone conversation filled with giggles and guffaws I realized this might be an interesting topic for more than just by best girlfriends. So here goes – my top 3 tips for sleepovers.

Joey & Dawson could never get it right either! [via]
Stay at his house
I know, I know. I prefer my house. We all do. Because boys aren't clean, and they aren't as aware of what women think is comfortable (seriously, what is up with men and leather seating? Leather couch + NYC summer heat ≠ comfort). However, I've learned that there's something about going to his place that makes men feel amazing. When I finally agreed to spend the night at an old situationship's apartment he walked around like a king. Literally. I can't quite figure it out but I think it has to do with being able to say "I'm fittin' to take her home".

Stay fresh
I’m a huge fan of the surprise “travel bag”. I call it a surprise because no one should know about it but you. Just pack a few small things in your purse and beef up the contents of your make up bag and you should be all set. My favorites? A toothbrush, a small travel deodorant, roll-on perfume (Sephora has a great selection), sunglasses (so necessary for a rough Sunday morning), and panties. Keep in mind, the larger the purse, the more fun things you can bring without utilizing a travel bag. My Louis Neverfull MM does the trick perfectly!

Don't get too comfortable
I honestly think one of the most important things to remember is that his house is not your house. Don’t start cooking up a storm, definitely don’t clean up shit, and definitely don’t start leaving your stuff there like it’s okay without a major relationship talk first. This rule about comfort is the hardest one for me as I'm the kind of person who loves to give as much as I can. But I've learned through experience (and also while reading #BelleBook) that the biggest downfall to a situationship is acting like it’s a relationship.

What are your favorite tips for successful sleepovers?

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  1. I totally agree with your first point. I don't like staying at men's houses but it does make them feel like a king. So strange. Lol.


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