Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Travel With Your Boo

I like to credit a lot of my wisdom to my Mother, who is the wisest mother anyone could ask for. She's full of little tidbits, whether you ask for them or not. Some of my favorites have turned into posts in the past and this one is no different.

Over dinner at one of my favorite soul food spots in Harlem with my Mom and my girl, Larissa, Mom indulged in a few rules on how to stay sane in relationships. My favorites had to do with travel. Now, she's on a cruise with my Father, and in the weeks leading up to it, she divulged in a few more tips.

So here they are, Mom's Top Five Tips on How to Travel with Your Boo:

1. Just Do It
Yes, just like the Nike commercials, when it comes to travel, my mother's rules are simple - just do it. She and her girlfriends have often found themselves proposing a travel idea to their husbands, only to receive answers like "I'm not sure I can take off work" or "I don't want to go away for that long." *side eye* The solution? Buy their ticket anyway. They'll come around. This is how my parents took a romantic trip to Ireland, a couples trip to South Africa, a week visiting me when I was abroad in London, and it's how they found themselves on a cruise right now. Works like a charm every time.

2. What You Packing?
In preparing for their cruise, Mom told Dad to lay his outfits on the guest bed for the trip. After weeks of peeking in on his progress, she found he'd only planned on bringing 4 t-shirts and some shorts. When asked to pick up a few items from the dry cleaner on the way home, Mom oblidged, and then packed the items in his suitcase under his 4-shorts and shorts. Instantly well packed!

3. We Dont Have To Fight
Eager to get everything started right - Mom noted that you never fight before you leave. It's just bad manners. If you've got something to say, say it once your plane has taken off. Swiftly. Then order a glass of wine and settle in for the flight. Everyone will be all smiles by the time you land.

4. Keep it Freestylin'
Upon landing in New Orleans just before their cruise, my parents realized their airline (American) had lost their luggage. Given only two tuxedo t-shirts, Mom and Dad enjoyed their cruise in matching outfits for almost a full week. When asked how it was going, her only answer was "We're cool. We're freestyling."


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  1. Thats some really good advice. I say just keep all issues off the table till after the trip. Take the time to just relax without bring issues that could cause tension


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