Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Blame Game

I'm totally entranced by this whole glorification of cheating, mistresses, and infidelity. I suppose my fascination started with Eliot Spitzer (aka Client No. 9) and his female escort "Kristen" (government name: Ashley Alexandra Dupre). When the news broke in the spring of 2008, news outlets went crazy. Additionally, readers went crazy waiting for the next great headline pun, and I went crazy trying to understand why this girl, who is my age, wass servicing someone like Client No. 9 while I (recently graduated) was trying to understand what 401k meant.


Regardless, I was still fascinated by the whole thing. Very quickly, Spitzer resigned, his silent and stoic wife communicated pain in standing by her husband, and Ashley Dupre was propelled to fame. Why? How? I didn't get it. Now, Spitzer is on the rise with his own show on CNN and along those same lines, Dupre is co-staring in what I imagine will be a Comedy of Errors about celebrities creating their own restaurants. Oy, enough.

Then there's Tiger Woods, who's exploits made no sense whatsoever. After woman number 5 I just gave up on trying to keep up with the news. The one thing I'll never forget his how completely poetic it seemed for his wife to whoop his ass with a golf club. I guess what makes you, breaks you.


And let's please not forget about everyone's favorite home wrecker singer Alicia Keys and her new hubby Swizz Beatz. Alicia graces the cover of Essence this month, within which she says her relationship with Swizz was no where near inappropriate, stating the two started dating after he and his then wife Mashonda separated. There was another woman in the mix, who also gave birth to a child fathered by Swizz and I am sure she was highly influential in he and Mashonda's divorce. That said, seeing the happiness of Alicia and Swizz side by side with the heartbreak of Mashonda's on Love & Hip Hop was saddening. And while I celebrate love, I do think Alicia needs to be careful because, as all women know, how you get them is how you lose them.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of "The Blame Game", within which I'll review Something Borrowed (the book and the movie) and detail a scene from tonight where 6 weird girls were arguing in the movie theatre about who was right and who was wrong. Oh wait, that was us...

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