Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End of an Era

I have a huge problem.

I have spent the past week crying. It's really not my fault. But every time I watch a Farewell to The Oprah Show episode, I explode into tears. You see - I'm a fairly sentimental person. If you say something nice, I'll likely get a little watery so perhaps this is the main cause for the blubbering that happens every time I watch Grey's Anatomy or even the Sex & the City Movie scene where Carrie beats Big with her wedding flowers.

However, I'm crying this time because it's really the end of an era with The Oprah Show coming to a close after 25 years of greatness.

Like many others, I grew up watching Oprah. My initial aspirations of being a journalist stemmed from watching her show. I went on to participate in an internship at Boston's WCVB TV's Chronicle, a nightly newsmagazine, which has been on air since before I was born. I landed the internship through a stellar interview within which I told them I wanted to be just like Oprah and my mother when I grew up. So Oprah, she's not just some television host for me, she's an inspiration.

So as I watch this bittersweet farewell season of Oprah, I can't help but cry when she cries, and laugh when she laughs (and buy what she buys).

The great thing about endings is that they allow for new beginnings. When one door closes, a window of opportunity opens. Oprah's is OWN, a network on which I'll get my Oprah fix daily. She'll keep living her number one rule: "live your best life" and thanks to her, I will live mine.

Thank you, Oprah, for your 25 years of dedication, love, and guidance.

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  1. Omg yesss! I've been looking for a free version of the farewell transcript!


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